Important information about eye care

All you need to know…

Recommended check-ups:

Regular eye check-ups are vital for overall health. At Eye See You, we recommend:

  • Under 16: Annual eye exams
  • Ages 16 – 59: Biennial eye exams
  • Ages 60 – 69: Consult your optician for frequency
  • 70 and over: Annual eye check-ups

Exceptions apply, follow advice from your optometrist or GP. Ensure optimal eye health with routine check-ups.

Are you entitled to a free eye test?

In the UK, over 30 million people are entitled to a free eye examination which is paid for by the NHS. This automatically entitles individuals to a COMPLETELY FREE sight test on the NHS if they:

Additionally, you are also entitled to a free NHS sight test if you, or your partner, receive at least one of the following:

Help with paying for your glasses

It is also possible that you do not need to pay the full amount for your glasses…

In addition to receiving a free eye examination, you may also be entitled to some help with the purchase of your glasses or contact lenses, if you are:

Improved vision for an improved life
Our goal is to provide you with the best care and services, as well as a comprehensive selection of eyewear for all your optical needs.